Globen Engineering, partners with world-class overseas principals, to provide equipment and technical know-how that is vital to your foundry/business operation which improves productivity and creates better and more efficient working conditions in your plant.

By using Globen Engineering's reputable engineering partners, and their specific plant and equipment, we can generate tangible long-term production and economic benefits for your factory and process plant.

Vulcan Engineering Co. (VECO) of Helena, Alabama, USA
Established in 1971, and located in Helena, Alabama, USA, Vulcan specializes in Foundry equipment that ranges from and includes, Foundry Plant, Lost Wax Process Plant & Equipment, Machinery for Cleaning/Fettling Rooms, e.g., Air-Operated Sledgehammers, Swing Frame Grinders and Cut-Off Machines, Stand/Pedestal Grinders, VTS Tactile Robotic Grinding Machines and Moulding Lines, to complete Foundry Turnkey projects.

VECO’s flagship equipment is the VTS (Vulcan Tactile System) Robotic Grinder
Foundry Machinery & Spares Ltd (FMS)of the UK

Globen Engineering represents and partners with Foundry Machinery & Spares (FMS) to supply new No-Bake Sand and Moulding Equipment that easily competes with the likes of their peers with regards to price, quality and innovative ideas. FMS also offers on-line and turnkey assistance for their equipment as well as for individual machinery. FMS supplies foundry equipment to all corners of the world.

OMSG – Officine Meccaniche San Giorgio SpA of Italy

The OMSG/Carlo Banfi Group, Italy, has been in existence for more than 55 years, and has appointed and is partnering with Globen Engineering to supply state-of-the-art automatic Turbine Shot Blast Machines, Sand Blast and Peening plants, etc. OMSG’s range of equipment covers foundries, steel fabricators, the die-casting industry, forging plants, plate cleaning plants, heat-treatment plants, as well as the Marble and Cement Industries, etc.

BOS Grinding Media (Pty) Ltd – BGM of South Africa

Globen Engineering has partnered with the reputable BGM – BOS Grinding Media, a South African supplier of quality, leading-edge manufacturing Technology, Roll-Forged Grinding Media for the Power Generation, Cement, Mining and Mineral Processing and other industries using Ball Mill Technology. BOS Grinding Media is processed through state-of-the-art modern Roll-Forging machinery and is quenched and tempered in a CNC controlled heat-treatment Plant.

Axel Machines Outils

Globen Engineering represent Axel Machines in Southern Africa for the Supply of quality, modern, pre-owned Machine Tools, including, but not limited to Vertical Turning Lathes (VTL’s), Horizontal Borers, Machining Centres, etc Axel sources these quality machine from reputable companies in Western Europe and the UK.

MCM Foundry S.r.l.

MCM Foundry S.r.l was founded in Italy in 2017. Globen Engineering represents and partners with MCM Foundry to supply European Foundry Expertise for Quality New and Used No-Bake Sand Moulding Equipment and Reclamation Equipment. Partnering with MCM Foundry, Globen Engineering offers to source spare parts for existing No-Bake Machinery, Core-Blowers and other types of Equipment used in Foundries.

OMLER S.r.l of Italy

OMLER S.r.l of Italy Founded in Italy in 1974, OMLER S.r.l specialises in the marketing and manufacturer of decoring hammers and decoring automated machinery for the Automotive and other types of production foundries, including Lost Wax and Investment Casting Foundries. OMLER provides an extensive worldwide network for distribution and for technical know-how for the products.


Vetter Krantechnik GmbH of Germany

Vetter Krantechnik GmbH now partners with Globen Engineering to Market and supply modern state-of-the-art lifting and turning devices specially designed for jobbing foundry operations – particularly medium to large jobbing foundries. Vetter also designs and supplies specialised lifting equipment to suit foundry-specific requirements, and requirements for other industries, as well.

Hirado Kinzoku Kogyo Co of Japan

Globen Engineering partners and cooperates with Hirado to supply, amongst other equipment, Casting Splitters, Snap Breakers, and handling equipment, primarily for de-gating and removing of risers for the Automotive Foundry Industry and other Production Foundries.

Shotblast Technology of the UK

Shotblast Technology supplies high quality wear-parts for all makes of Shotblast machines, including, but not limited to the following: Tilghman, Wheelabrator, Pangborn, DISA and other makes. The spares include blast blades, control cages and liners for turbines, as well as complete replacement turbines, etc

Lianco Technologies of Italy

Lianco Technologies offers CNC technology in a CNC Machining Centre equipped with tools installed on a working head to fettle, automotive and other mass-produced parts like engine blocks, manifolds brake calipers, and automobile suspension components. The part is locked on a fixture and then is handled against the tools. The equipment specialises in automatic fettling of cast or forged Components, for the automotive foundry industry.

Magaldi Power S.p.A of Italy

Magaldi, founded in 1929, is a world leader and specialises in dependable and environmentally friendly bulk handling and abrasive material handling. systems, and engineered solutions for demanding abrasive problems in Foundries, Steel Mills, Mineral Processing Plants, Cement Plants, Waste-to-Energy Plants and Solid Fuel Power Plants (coal), on a worldwide scale. Magaldi Power S.p.A and Globen Engineering have combined to market, sell and service Magaldi Superbelt, Ecobelt, Spill Chains Belt Cleaners and more.

Rebel Grinding Machines of Brazil

Rebel Grinding Machines have been produced in Sao Paulo, Brazil, since 1970. More than three thousand machines have been sold worldwide. Globen Engineering has teamed up with Rebel to market these machines to the foundry and other industries in Southern Africa. The Range includes Automatic Grinders, Swing Frame Grinders, Swing Frame Cut-off Machines, Stand Grinders and more.

Foundry Technologies s.r.o.”

Globen Engineering partners with the world-class company, Foundry Technologies to supply top of the range, world-class No-Bake equipment, and other foundry equipment. Foundry Technologies provides world-class Technological design expertise. Foundry Technologies offers turnkey projects and assistance, as well as individual machinery. Globen Engineering can also source spare parts and equipment for IMF equipment through Foundry Technologies. Foundry Technologies focus is custom production for foundry, engineering, and metallurgical enterprises. The company provides both partial deliveries and turn-key deliveries to customers, including projects, production documentation, production, final assembly, including service and supply of spare parts.

Grind Master of India

•Globen Engineering has partnered with Grind Master. Grind Master is a Global Technology Leader in Metal Finishing and Deburring
•Headquarters including Engineering and Manufacturing in India.
•Strong Sales and Service Offices.
•35 Years of ABSOLUTE ENGINEERING to build Solid Solutions that Exceed Customer Expectations with motto “Can and Will”.


Globen Engineering partners with Suzhou Weijing Automation Co., Ltd, a Chinese company established in 2008, and is a manufacturer dedicated to providing appropriate equipment, service. and solutions with premium quality for global foundries. Weijing supplies Degating Hammers, Auto Grinding Machines, Auto Tilting Pouring Machines, etc. based on the foundry’s specific requirement.


Globen Engineering has teamed up with the KELSONS Group, a leading manufacturer and exporters of foundry Equipment. Kelsons can supply individual equipment or complete turnkey foundry projects. KELSONS Group has, for more than 29 years, supplied its products to countries worldwide, including Malaysia, Syria, Dubai, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Uganda, Nigeria, South Africa, Bangladesh, South Korea, Turkey, Russia etc. Kelsons Group comprises of:
1]KELSONS ENGINEERS & FABRICATORS Est. 1994 Foundry Machines & Turnkey projects
2] KELSONS TESTING EQUIPMENT Est. 2003 - Sand Testing Equipment for Foundries
3] KELSONS METALLURGICAL EQUIPMENT Est. 2012 - Metal Testing equipment for Foundries. KELSONS is fast-growing and backed by technically qualified personnel. KELSONS GROUP provide turnkey solution for foundry plant which included design, engineering, and installation. Kelsons equipment includes Moulding, Melting, Metal Handling, Core Making, Fettling and Laboratory Equipment.